Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Make new friends but keep the old,
For one is silver but the other is gold- Just one of the countless blatant feel good lies that this world's got to offer.

Ho, you don't know how much I wish I was MICHELLE right now.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm pretty sure the Archuleta showcase is over :(
But I've said it before, I'll say it again, I really wonder, is it really worth it, to stand in some hot confinement squashed with sticky smelly people in hopes of catching a glimpse of the 19 year old boy wonder do his thang on stage?

Well, that question rang through my mind the whole day.
Until, it started to rain at 3.00 :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Because Moral is pointless.


First post of the year yo:)
4 Angsana 09, me love :)

[It's okay XOXISTERS, I still miss y'all]

Cupcakes, HOHO! :)
(btw sexiness is so not *omg* inducing anymore, WEI LI!)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I scream simply cause it feels good :)

Greetings, world :)
Excuse the lack of updates, busy gila doing stuff you don't need to know about.
Just a short round, to tell you people that
  • I had a quiet but meaningful Christmas :) (pictures on kweks and agnes's facebook)
  • I've become addicted to Marks and Spencers chocolate.
  • David Archuleta's birthday is today and I don't care (sorry suetying dont kill me pls)
  • PMR RESULTS ARE COMING OUT ON TUESDAY (and today is sunday.)

Shoot me already. Gah.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

As promised, a fully detailed LIFEGAME youth camp post :)
(sorry ah, no photos simply cause I dont know who has em)

Saturday 13th December
Sat in the bus with GUNDUUUU and Joe :) Heh.Bus ride took about, 2 hours? Found out I was in the Blue Lagoon community with Shing, Sapphira,Darren Ong,Kweks,Steven(omg he's so funny i swear i laugh non stop when i talk to him),John,Alvin, Cherie and Daniel! :) Cool people I tell you. LifeGame officially started at night, where we had to get an education. And knowing me, I only got a senior high degree, cause I lazy mahhh :DAfter LifeGame, Ps. John shared about how are days are numbered and compared our lives to that of a water tank, where the water was running out day by day, and we never know when it may run completely dry. That session was a real eye opener mann.

Sunday 14th December
The day started with devotion in our respective DGs, followed by breakfast and our first worship session!(Good job, Foongs! :)) After yet another briefing from Uncle Sam (my good friend lol), our city guide, (and about 3 proposals from darren who was soon broke and diseased)Lifegame started again. This time, we went job hunting, but I didn't get very far cause of my low qualification la, so I emo-ed for like 2 seconds, till I heard there was a job opening at the News Network, and for once I can proudly say MY GIFT OF GAB GOT ME A HIGH PAYING JOB :) Seriously, I made like $ 2K per session, while people with a diploma got like uh $ 1.3K? Not bad for some kelefeh with nothing but a senior high degree to her name right? :D Not that I'm smart la, I just talk alot, and landed meself an awesome job ;)Heh, we had a lifecheck after that, and I turned 22 (yes, finally legal ;)) Had another round again, did lifecheck and I aged 10 years due to my workaholic ways-___-. Yes, so while everyone was in the prime of their youth, there I was an overworked 32 year old unmarried old hag :( Lunch after that, and Agnes, Pinky and Gideon arrived, one day after prom ;), and yet another round of lifegame where I aged another 10 years -.- (However, I was worth $ 8K by then :D) Oh and during free time, I got to know Danielle,*coughderrickcough* one of the volunteers, from Penang, and she's my age! :)Had session later at night, where Ps John was talking about the runner and race, and how we needed to take the narrow road which eventually leads to Heaven. Yet another meaningful session :) Had supper @ the warung after session and ko-ed at about 1.15.

Monday 15th December
As usual, the day started with devotion and brekkie, followed by worship. LifeGame began once again, but instead of reporting straight for work like I usually did, rushed straight to the mall to get wedding rings (-.- omg sounds so wth right) haha. And after that.. *jeng jeng jeng* I got married! :D nyahah. Joshua the boss gave me a $ 100 angpow for that btw :D In case you didn't know, the Good Husband is none other than Kweks! haha!Gundu came over to Blue Lagoon after marrying Darren, simply cause wives have to submit to their husbands(true okay! quoting the bible here!) Collected $200 from each community member as angpow :D. I have to say la, that was the best lifecheck round ever haha. Played another round of LifeGame where we got a baby boy :D The true drama started during lifecheck.

Community Leader
The Good Husband
The soon to be deceased Wife

*both throw dice and get a double, silently swears*
"I'm sorry you've been robbed"
"Now I've got good news and bad news, let me tell you the good news first"
"Your social class is now 8, you both have alot of prestige points congratulations"
"Yay :D"
"Bad news?"
"Oh, yeah *points to me* you died"
"Ohmygosssshhhhhhhh whyy?"
"Old age"
"How can! 56 years old where got old! Cannot la! Where got like this oneee!!"
56 VERY OLD MEH :( So yeah, I died and left behind a 5 year old kid and a widower, at the age of 56 -.- omg man.
But I tell people I take a bullet meant for my husband while Kweks tells people that I died of cancer -.-Needless to say, I soon started praying that my real life won't turn out like that :) Played frisbee later in the evening with a whole bunch of people after getting off the phone with Xojo who Caryn thought was my boyfriend(eww haha). Award for the cutest frisbee player officially goes to Natalie Khoo la haha :D Fei's worship session was later that night, she did an aweosme job, yo :) Had another session later on at night, where Ps. John shared about the three T's God has blessed everyone of us with, which is Time, Talents and Treasure :) Some people offered themselves to go into full time ministry that night, and I must say, I was very encouraged lah, cause this is a lifetime commitment, not a one off thing cause it's like their future lah. Had a jam session after that, where seriously, not a single person choi-ed us. haha. Ultimate shiok sendiri man :S Had supper @ the warung yet again :)

Tuesday 16th December
Officially the most emo-fied day :( Nothing much la, just sharing and camwhoring and all the typical stuff you do on the last day of camp? haha. Left at about 1.30-ish, and sat in the bus with Gundu(again, haha), Aggy, Pinky, Shu,Foongs and Kenny. Arrived @ about 3.15. And uh yeah. I think that's it. heh.

Seriously, this camp is very very life changing la, so if I were you, I would run to mummy and daddy and beg them to send me to LifeGame, and if they say no money then you tell them that you will go to McDonalds and work for it okay, cause it's very worth it :)

BTW, AFTER COMING BACK FROM THIS CAMP I'VE BEEN DEAD BORED AT HOME :( So if you do go, be prepared for sudden withdrawal symptoms okay :(

p.s. The CF Christmas Partay is toniiigghhttttt :D:D

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our water tanks are running out-FAST.

Greetings :)
I just got back from youth camp yesterday, yo :) awesome awesome much. heh
Pictures when I get them, promise, cause for once, Ezra actually got a DG picture during youth camp! yay!
No blogging mojo for now, however, so brace yourselves, for my next post will be so detailed even Einstein would be proud :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Who needs a certain boy wizard who lives under the stairs? :P

Note: This post is specially dedicated to Chang Wern Lin,Ng Siew Sanz and whoever who tahan-ed all my nonsense this past year in Mr Chew's Science Tuition ;)

OMG, Haha Wern remember this?!I found this in our MSN Sharing Folder today lol.Our Mission Impossible which tak jadi cause Voldemort and friend didn't come on that day :(
OK la, dont want to say already cause obvious sangat nanti who Voldemort is kan? ;)

I suddenly miss Saturday afternoon tuition like alot :/Good times, good times :)